Food & Beverage Applications

Food safetyhygiene and quality-control standards demand washing and disinfection processes which are supported by safe, clean water supplies. Built on Gaffey’s considerable expertise in this area, our sustainable British-built water disinfection technologies allow us to satisfy that requirement, providing unique in-situ solutions that offer utmost reliability and effectiveness.

In-situ water disinfection for food washing compliance

Water used for food processing is one of the important critical control points. This is true for water used as an ingredient, for water used as final rinse when cleaning equipment or water which is in any way likely to come into contact with the product. Most often it is just stated that the water should meet drinking water standards and both supply and quality are mostly taken for granted.

However, local standards may vary somewhat or may even be absent. The quality of the source water differs enormously from place to place as does the water treatment. The control exerted by the local regulatory authorities may also differ greatly depending on the local situation.

Our unique British-built water disinfection technologies can provide the perfect answer to the stringent demands of food and beverage production processes, which deliver high levels of microbiological performance in-situ without impairing flavours.

Gaffey’s unique Hyprolyser® electrochlorination systems and chloriDOS® iOX® chlorine generators combine high levels of safety with easy operation for simple and effective water disinfection across a variety of sectors.

Food & Beverage applications

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