Fruit & Vegetable Washing

Effective water disinfection improves the shelf life and customer standards of produce, as well as eliminating the risk of pathogenic bacteria such as e.coli. Our unique patented chloriDOS iOX® chlorine dioxide generation systems have achieved unrivalled success in fruit and vegetable washing processes, penetrating biofilms and bacteria to reduce company costs lost through produce spoilage.

Industrial washing

Effective water disinfection impacts produce shelf life and customer standards. The ineffective disinfection of wash water can lead to pathogenic bacteria such as E.Coli, leading to the risk of failure in control standards, and expensive product “holds” or recalls.

The action of chlorine dioxide is not affected by background organic compounds, leaving more of the biocide free to do the job it is designed for, the inactivation of dangerous bacteria. ClO₂ can penetrate biofilms and bacteria embedded on the cuticle of fresh produce, eliminating the source of spoilage before the produce leaves your facility.

Our unique, British-built chloriDOS iOX® chemical generation and dosing systems have achieved unrivalled success in fruit and vegetable washing processes by allowing chemical handling to take place remote to the generation system, and with the added benefit of our unique vacuum transfer safety process.

chloriDOS® iOX® chlorine dioxide systems

Our chloriDOS® iOX® chlorine dioxide generators represent a unique milestone mark in the development of safer and more efficient disinfection systems, also offering detailed operational data output via Modbus, ethernet or GSM to make the management of multiple systems a much easier task.

chloriDOS® MCA monochloramine systems

Offering precise blending and dosing, chloriDOS® MCA provides the future of on-site monochloramine generation. Each system is crammed full of our industry-leading technology, offering a safe, sustainable and reliable solution for applications big and small.

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