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chloriDOS® iOX® Chlorine Dioxide Systems

Providing incredible safety, efficiency and accuracy in the control of bacteria, biofilm and legionella, our chloriDOS iOX® chlorine dioxide generator systems are the next generation of on-site water disinfection solutions.

Our unique patented volumetric batch generation technology is not only the most accurate on the market, it also provides unmatched data reporting and peace of mind.

Why use chlorine dioxide in water disinfection systems?

Chlorine dioxide (ClO₂) has some unique properties which are particularly useful in the disinfection of water systems, setting it apart from other water disinfection methods.

With minimised side reactions and lower dependancy on pH levels, ClO₂ is also 10 times more soluble in water than chlorine and does not hydrolyse; making it much more efficient. In addition, our Gaffey water disinfection system technologies provide in-situ chemical generation using binary reagents, thus avoiding hazardous and costly transportation to site – boosting cost-efficiency.

Chlorine dioxide is effective at combating waterborne bacteria such as legionella, as well as significantly reducing trihalomethanes and other water-related issues.

What makes our chloriDOS® iOX® system unique?

Chlorine dioxide generation is performed under a fail-safe vacuum and utilises volumetric reagent measuring and dilution water control. This allows for safer, more accurate dosages and lower strength ClO₂ solutions.

Our innovation also makes dosing pumps a technology of the past. Replaced with precision dosing under vacuum enables precise reaction chemistry and batch strength to complement the generation capacity.

With a highly accurate and constantly monitored metering method to dispense the precursor chemicals, hourly, daily or weekly. Chlorine dioxide (ClO₂) usage data and status reports can be easily checked via smartphone or desktop browser, or sent via email or GSM.

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