Hyprolyser® iSEC® High Capacity Skid Systems

Hyprolyser® iSEC® High Capacity Skid Systems

The Hyprolyser® iSEC® 250-2000 high capacity skid electrochlorination systems are compact yet powerful, treating up to 48MLD drinking water or 4000m3 swimming pool volumes, efficiently and effectively, whilst minimising valuable floor space requirements.

British built, Hyprolyser’s ability to function using only harmless salt, water and electricty to generate a <1% sodium hypochlorite solution, makes Gaffey’s electrochlorination technology the cost effective solution to water disinfection.

Fully GB/EU BPR compliant, with significant Containment of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) and sustainability benefits.

With Gaffey’s unique Adaptive Response Technology built-in, the Hyprolyser iSEC 250-2000 systems will provide consistent, precise chlorine generation, adjusting to changing environmental and site conditions.

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