On-site Electrochlorination Systems

For stand out performance choose Hyprolyser®

Our unique Hyprolyser® electrochlorination systems offer a safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly way to produce sodium hypochlorite on demand for a wide range of water disinfection and biocidal treatment.

Fully compliant with GB/EU BPR, this chemical generation of <1% sodium hypochlorite gives you real Containment of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) benefits and makes Hyprolyser® one of the most sustainable chlorination systems available today.

Whether you’re specifying for municipal drinking water distribution, commercial pools, industrial or commercial water treatment solutions, you can rely on Hyprolyser® systems to deliver maximum efficiency that stands out.

The perfect balance

Hyprolyser® uses a sustainable system technology that brings a unique alternative to other chlorine donor chemical supplies.

A true blend of efficiency, cost effectivity, flexibility and all-round safety, our on-site electrochlorination systems stand tall in the water treatment sector.

Our next generation Hyprolyser® iSEC® range has Adaptive Response Technology built-in, the intelligent solution that adjusts to continually changing environmental and site conditions.

Manufactured in the UK to exacting standards and exceptional quality, Hyprolyser® challenges convention and defies expectation. Electrochlorination is also fully compliant with GB/EU Biocidal Product Regulations, , offering an effective water disinfection solution for all water treatment market sectors. Contact us to find out more about Hyprolyser®.

The perfect balance

Why choose electrochlorination?

Using salt as the raw material to generate your own supply of hypochlorite offers several advantages. Salt is a widely available, renewable commodity used in many commercial and industrial settings, and is competitively priced for both small and large scale applications.

Compared to potentially hazardous commercial chemicals, salt is very safe and easy to store, has an infinite shelf life and requires minimal packaging which can be easily recycled – making Hyprolyser electrochlorination systems the sustainable choice for electrolytic chlorine generation.

The Hyprolyser® Family

Our unique Hyprolyser® iSEC® and Standard electrochlorination generation systems provide a huge range of application flexibility. All benefit from simple installation and easy maintenance.

Meticulous attention to construction detail and thorough in-house factory testing guarantees efficient operation, robustness and long-term reliability. For peace of mind all our electrolysers are provided with a 5-year limited (pro-rata) warranty.

As one of the leading electrochlorination system manufacturers, all our Hyprolyser® electrochlorination systems are made in the UK; manufactured and assembled by hand including our own innovative electrolyser design in our state-of-the-art facility in Lancashire. Gaffey products are available worldwide through our trusted network of approved distributors and specialist trade partners.

The Hyprolyser® Family

High capacity electrochlorination systems

Offering a high level of installation flexibility in a wide variety of applications, our unique patented Hyprolyser® Standard electrochlorination systems range offers additional scale, safety, sustainability and functionality for a variety of industrial sectors. 4250 to 8500 models are available for high capacity requirements such as large drinking water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants and multi-pool waterparks.

How electrochlorination works

Electrochlorination is the on-site production of sodium hypochlorite solution by electrolysis of brine.

The resulting generated sodium hypochlorite solution is non-hazardous and contains less than 1% sodium hypochlorite (0.5-0.7%). This is far below the hazardous threshold, providing sufficient health & safety and COSHH management benefits, lowering workplace risk.

Each of our Hyprolyser® systems benefits from our unique vacuum dosing and plug-and-play technologies. This provides users with a huge range of application flexibility, in conjunction with simple system installation, easy operation and straightforward maintenance.

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