Healthcare & Hospital Applications

These facilities simply could not operate without safe and reliable water supplies. Gaffey's unique British-manufactured technologies can be used to provide dependable, cost effective water disinfection solutions no matter what. We design and manufacture chlorination treatment systems for healthcare setting to ensure stringent regulations compliance.

Ensuring reliable safe water for the healthcare industry

The day-to-day care of hospital and care-home patients relies heavily on safe and reliable water supplies, whether for surgical work, laundry operations or laboratory services.

Traditional methods of controlling waterborne pathogens has its limitations. A water disinfection treatment can be incorporated into a water system to combat the life threatening risks that Pseudomona Aeruginosa, legionella among others can bring.

Gaffey in-situ disinfection solutions are being increasingly used in the disinfection of water at the point-of-entry, independent of the public water network, to ensure a reliable, cost-effective, high-quality water supply of in cold- and hot-water pipe circuits.

What’s more, compliance measures are aided by system monitors and alerts on a wide range of site conditions and provide usage information via MODBUS connectivity or remotely via the Internet.

Healthcare & Hospital applications

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