Meet the Gaffey Team

Gaffey’s unique, in-situ water treatment systems are distributed globally, but it’s our Lancashire-based team who make it all happen…

Each member of our collaborative team uses their extensive industry experience to focus on developing and manufacturing reliable water disinfection technologies for sectors around the globe.

From sales and service to logistics, assembly, fabrication and technical quality testing, every department plays a fundamental part in designing, developing, manufacturing and distributing our British-built disinfection systems.

Below, we’re meeting the teams behind the technologies and taking a look at how each of our departments collaborate to create Gaffey’s unique industry-leading systems.


Located across our busy production and assembly site, our dynamic assembly team are responsible for assembling all units. This process starts its journey from plastic fabrication, before moving onto CNC machines and electrode and system assembly in preparation for testing. The assembly team also prepare our unique ‘Gaffey-made’ parts, ready for shipping to clients and customers around the globe.

“We have a huge reach of products worldwide, but we’re a friendly, co-operative, inclusive team of people who are always there for each other.” Graeme Pollard, Assembly Co-ordinator

Technical Support & Quality Control

The technical team, which includes system designers and manufacturing designers, ensure all Gaffey-built technologies are fully inspected and quality checked before shipping, as part of our ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.

The team work hard to maintain the highest safety practices, producing production maintenance documents and certification, implementing testing procedures and creating quality control procedures to ensure the safest practices. Using their extensive industry expertise, they fully test new products prior to market release for optimum safety and usability.

Supporting customers is also a pivotal role for this team, as they visit sites and clients internationally to assist clients with any issues or maintenance.

“We create unique, industry leading products to be proud of. Seeing our units out in the world is massively rewarding.” – Daniel Gaffey, Product Technologist, Quality Control and Technical Support

Innovation & Product Design

Gaffey Technical Services is built on a foundation of industry leading technologies, and it’s the tireless job of the innovation department to continuously develop technologies for the future.

Heading up the team are Managing Director Phil Gaffey and Product Designer Maxwell Cole, who use their extensive industry knowledge and expertise to refine product design and expand the range of unique technologies available.

The team’s expert research and understanding of the water disinfection technologies needed globally drive Gaffey Technical Services forward, consistently building the reputation of each reliable, effective technology produced.

Sales & Servicing

Situated at our head office, the sales and service team are fundamentally the voice of our business, providing friendly sales and service support for those getting in touch with us.

The team work hard to provide assistance and product sales support to clients and customers around the world. From processing sales and answering calls to shipping small orders and progressing large sales to production planning team, sales and service are paramount in driving forward the future of our business.

“It’s a rewarding role, it just flows. There’s nothing that can’t be fixed without speaking to the team. We’re a close team – we’re all there for each other.” – Tiffany Mewhirter, Sales & Service Administrator

Production & Logistics

Located in our head office, the production and logistics team, led by Production Manager Hannah, work tirelessly to ensure all processes at Gaffey run smoothly. From production planning and purchasing to organising transport and deliveries, the team collaborate seamlessly to ensure everyone meets their targets and all systems and parts are distributed on time and tracked accordingly.

We’re a great team of people, everyone is reliable and friendly, and every day is different.” – Hannah Gaffey, Production Manager

Nurturing talent

Each member of every specialist team is valued at Gaffey, and we take pride in building the careers of our colleagues through on-going support and training schemes – including apprenticeships.

Will Bond, our Field Technical Support and Product Test Engineer, has been a member of the Gaffey team for over 7 years, after starting as an apprentice straight from college.

“I’m still on my journey here, there are so many more doors to open to grow. There’s always something new to learn.”

Another apprentice success story is Assembly Co-ordinator, Matt Crabtree, who joined Gaffey seven years ago through an apprenticeship scheme at age 16. He now plays a key role in supporting production staff and new apprentices who join the company.

“We have really good retention. Gaffey helped build my career, so I enjoy being able to build other’s futures through training new apprentices”.

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