chloriDOS® MCA Monochloramine Systems

Monochloramine is stable and non-corrosive, providing a safe disinfection solution for a wide variety of sectors and applications.

Why monochloramine? (MCA)

The unique biocidal properties of monochloramine are becoming increasingly recognised within the water treatment industry. Proving good biocidal efficacy across a wide pH range within water treatment system processes, important benefits associated with using monochloramine are the very low presence of DBPs (disinfection by-products) and low THM (trihalomethane) levels.

Monochloramine applications

Cited as a very effective treatment in the control and prevention of biofilm and legionella, monochloramine is widely used within municipal water distribution networks, in warm and hot water systems such as hospitals, large industrial cooling tower systems and membrane water recovery processes.

chloriDOS® MCA blending systems

chloriDOS® MCA offers precise blending technology to a wide range of applications. No matter what your disinfection needs are, discover the efficient method for on-site production and accurate dosing of monochloramine. All our systems are factory-tested before dispatch and come with a 2-year warranty, giving you added peace of mind.

chloriDOS® MCA features:

  • Volumetric pre-dilution of binary reagents
  • Reagents up to 15% sodium hypochlorite, 40% ammonium sulphate
  • Auto compensation of chlorine concentration decay
  • Double wall tube containment of chemical suctions
  • Integral chemical leakage detection
  • Safety suction demand valve
  • Capacity output adjustable 100g/h to 1000g/h MCA
  • Available in modular and skid versions

chloriDOS® MCA System Categories

chloriDOS® MCA 1000 System

Wall-mounted and compact, the chloriDOS MCA® modular 1000g/h wall cabinet unit is specifically designed for small applications, ensuring maximum efficiency against legionella and other waterborne pathogens.

Offering precise blending and dosing, chloriDOS® MCA 1000 provides the future of on-site monochloramine generation.

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