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Since 1986, our comprehensive range of unique, British-built in-situ water treatment solutions have established a strong reputation with our global network of distributors. Providing sustainability, reliability and cost-effectiveness to a broad spectrum of commercial, public and industrial environments, Gaffey continue to enhance the design and installation of water chlorination treatment systems worldwide.

The perfect blend

For over 35 years, Gaffey have been designing, manufacturing and distributing water treatment systems around the world, tailoring to the precise requirements of public, commercial and industrial sectors, ranging from food processing to brewing, leisure, agriculture, healthcare or many others.

All our unique, patented in-situ chemical generation systems provide clean, safe water efficiently, reliably and sustainably for all industries. Each of our British-manufactured Hyprolyser® electrochlorination systems and chloriDOS® chlorine generation systems offer a vast array of benefits to all sectors, from cost-efficiency to quick installation and ease of operation.

Different sectors demand reliable water treatment suited to their own specific standards and requirements. Gaffey’s unique disinfection technologies can be tailored to satisfy those needs, no matter which of the following industries you operate in:


Gaffey's unique British-manufactured water disinfection technologies have been proven in use on a wide range of agricultural applications, ranging from general health, feeding and animal husbandry, through to aquaculture and irrigation duties. No matter what the task at hand, the emphasis is always on delivering safe, reliable, cost-efficient service and providing clean, fresh water.

Commercial Swimming Pool Industry

Commercial pools, aquatic centres, spas, hydrotherapy facilities and theme parks around the world benefit from the use of Gaffey's unique, British-built chlorine generation technologies. Our in-situ water disinfection systems can combat the dangers of legionella in warm water systems, the corrosion of mechanical elements and the problems of bather and environmental pollution, with the benefits of reliability and efficiency.

Drinking Water

We design and manufacture unique, in-situ water treatment and dosing systems for drinking water and utility supplies to enable stringent regulations compliance. Our range of British-built chlorine generators offer the safest, most reliable and scalable ways to generate chlorine and chlorine dioxide biocidal solutions on-site to ensure water is safe for consumption.

Food & Beverage

Food safetyhygiene and quality-control standards demand washing and disinfection processes which are supported by safe, clean water supplies. Built on Gaffey’s considerable expertise in this area, our sustainable British-built water disinfection technologies allow us to satisfy that requirement, providing unique in-situ solutions that offer utmost reliability and effectiveness.

Healthcare & Hospitals

These facilities simply could not operate without safe and reliable water supplies. Gaffey's unique British-manufactured technologies can be used to provide dependable, cost effective water disinfection solutions no matter what. We design and manufacture chlorination treatment systems for healthcare setting to ensure stringent regulations compliance.

Hospitality & Building Services

Our British-built water chlorination treatment systems help combat biofilm that builds up in water distribution pipework to eliminate legionella, pseudomonas and other bacteria at source. Gaffey unique, in-situ technologies, including Hyprolyser® electrochlorination systems and chloriDOS® iOX® chlorine dioxide generation systems, provide a sustainable, cost-effective and reliable choice for hospitality and building services.


Our innovative British-built water disinfection solutions for today’s industrial operations and manufacturing processes are built around the emphasis on safety, reliability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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