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Theme Parks

From log flumes to water play areas, theme parks present many disinfection challenges. There’s shallow water, fluctuating temperatures and pollution from bathers to deal with, plus elevated amounts of debris to filter out. Our unique in-situ water treatment systems – including Hyprolyser electrochlorination systems – offer a reliable, flexible and scalable solution for theme park operations of all sizes.

Theme Parks

Shallow or no water depth, openness to environmental pollution, temperature gain and special maintenance plans. In warm weather, water temperatures can easily exceed 20˚C, meaning that special precautions must be taken for the control of legionella. Flume rides, waterfalls and fountains are all capable of producing aerosols. Then the winter shut-down requires a completely different water treatment regime.

Also, due to the mechanical elements involved in many water rides, the control of corrosion requires a different approach to chemical disinfection.

So, any solution must process very high water volumes, be flexible enough to maintain the desired pH and residual chlorine levels year-round and also help to limit metal corrosion in water ride infrastructure.

Scalable, sustainable and versatile, our unique in-situ water treatment systems introduce ‘plug & play’ chlorination technology. Our British-built Hyprolyser® Standard electrochlorination systems offer a reliable and flexible solution to theme park operations with large chlorine demands. Using safe and sustainable salt, Hyprolyser® electrolytic chlorination systems also offer added safety for theme park staff and visitors.

Hyprolyser electrochlorination systems

Hyprolyser® Standard and Hyprolyser® iSEC® High Capacity Skid electrochlorination systems bring the benefits of on-site sodium hypochlorite generation within reach of any chlorine user on a scale perfect for large public theme parks. Using salt and water to generate a non-hazardous chlorine solution, Hyprolyser® electrochlorination systems offer a safe and sustainable solution for theme parks of all sizes.

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