Other In-situ technologies

The rising demand for clean, safe water has increased the interest in advanced wastewater treatment and reuse. Costly and hazardous chemical logistics should be avoided wherever possible. Whether it is preparing proprietary chemistry or industrial formulations on site, using in-situ reaction and blending technologies mitigates risk, reduces your carbon footprint and generates high quality solution on demand. Our in-situ technologies can help realise these goals and achieve commercial objectives you may have not considered to date.

The perfect union

In combination, Hyprolyser® and chloriDOS® in-situ technologies offers:

  • Safety – low hazard chemical precursors stored on site with minimal handling.
  • Sustainability – the ultimate partnership of reduced safe chemical transportation and generation on site, minimising environmental impacts.
  • Efficacy – disinfection solutions with highly effective biocidal properties.
  • Efficiency – high yield chemistry reducing chemical consumption and minimising DBPs.
  • Economy – chemical cost reduction leading to quick ROI.
The perfect union

Why use on site blending technology?

Our innovation makes digital dosing pumps a technology of the past.

chloriDOS® precision metering under vacuum produces precise chemistry, preparing product solutions to predetermined formulations with amazing safety, accuracy and repeatability.
You can now blend, react, generate, on-site with great confidence with our technology and expertise.

Why not keep it Safe, Simple and Reliable!

Monochloramine generation & dosing

chloriDOS® MC

The unique biocidal properties of Monochloramine are becoming increasingly recognised as a very effective treatment in the control and prevention of biofilm and legionella in warm and hot water systems, such as hospitals and industrial cooling tower systems.  Having good efficacy across a wide pH range within the water treatment system processes, important benefits associated with using Monochloramine is the very low presence of DBPs (disinfection by-products) and low THMs (Trihalomethanes).

Monochloramine generation & dosing

Bromination generation & dosing

chloriDOS® BR

Precise mixing of sodium bromide and sodium hypochlorite solutions is essential to preparing Bromine in solution to optimise biocidal efficacy and maximise chemical consumption efficiencies.

Our in-situ technologies offer new ways to blend and mix chemicals on-site, in a way not achieved previously with other system manufacturers.  Once again using Gaffey’s unique volumetric blending technology, chloriDOS®BR systems allow the use of sodium bromide and sodium hypochlorite solutions to be precisely mixed and prepared into Bromine solution, on-site, to optimise biocidal efficacy and maximise chemical consumption efficiencies.

Using Hyprolyser® electrochlorination in combination with chloriDOS®BR blending and dosing technology, offers the ultimate partnership of safely shipping only sodium and bromide salts to site, to safely and precisely generate Bromine on site.  Using only salt as chemical ingredients, provides a great solution to eliminating hazardous chemical handling and the safe storage for on-site operators.

Bromination generation & dosing

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