Precision blending technology

Discover the precision, elegance and power of our unique chloriDOS® blending technologies for safe, effective water disinfection.

What if you could have it all?

Enhanced safety. Unmatched precision. Simple maintenance. Efficient installation. It’s all possible with our chloriDOS® blending technologies.

Each chloriDOS® system is a single, universal compact unit which can be specifically configured to your individual water disinfection needs, featuring interchangeable components for different chemistries. Every unit incorporates our patented reaction technology to create a batch generator which is unique to Gaffey.

Batch generation is performed under a fail-safe vacuum and utilises exact volumetric reagent measuring and dilution water control. This allows for safer, accurate dosages and at lower strength solutions as necessary. Unlike conventional blending systems which present unreliable low flow rates and at varying pressures, chloriDOS® units draw chemicals under vacuum, offering a consistent rate of flow for accurate, precise transfer and dosing. This unique vacuum technology also allows chemicals to be transferred greater than 50m from remote storerooms.

Features and benefits

chloriDOS® systems provide a range of outstanding features and benefits, including:

• Innovative batch process control
• Simple operator and service management
• Highly durable construction
• Compact design
• Unique batch generator
• Process alarms
• Low whole life costs
• Contributes to sustainability goals

chloriDOS® iOX®

With minimised side reactions and lower dependency on pH levels, ClO₂ is 10x more soluble than chlorine and does not hydrolyse, making it an effective disinfection solution.

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chloriDOS® MCA

The unique biocidal properties of monochloramine are becoming increasingly recognised as an effective treatment in the control and prevention of waterborne diseases.

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