Canadian pool complex set for major cost savings with Hyprolyser®

A large commercial pool complex in Canada is now on-target to reduce chemical and maintenance costs by $120k CDN, over an 8-year operating cycle, thanks to Gaffey’s Hyprolyser® technology.

Project details

Client YMCA Calgary
Location Calgary
Service Partner Pinnacle Aquatic Group Inc., Canada
System Hyprolyser®
Model Hyprolyser® Standard 560 g/h electrochlorination system

Having used a multi-cell in-line salt chlorination system for over 15 years, the client required a more sustainable and cost-effective solution. The previous system, which included 36 in-line salt chlorinator cells serving the Main Pool, Kids Pool and Whirlpool, required frequent maintenance and an 18-month replacement program. The power supply modules for each cell were also obsolete, and with a replacement cost of c.$1000-$1200 CDN per cell, the anticipated total cost over an eight-year planned maintenance programme was round $198,000 CDN, excluding the cost of power supply replacements. 

With Hyprolyser® technology successfully registered with Canadian PMRA (Pest Management Regulatory Approval), Gaffey’s Canadian distributor, Pinnacle Aquatic Group Inc, provided full support to the client. A Hyprolyser® Standard 560 system was installed to provide up to 13kg w/w chlorine per day of on-site generated sodium hypochlorite solution at <1% strength. This is well below the hazardous categorization level for the storage and production of liquid chlorine. 

With the site staff quickly adapting to the Hyprolyser’s® simple routine maintenance tasks, the pool’s management are set to enjoy long-term cost savings and reliable performance, backed by a 5-year limited Hyprolyser® warranty, plus a typical 7-9 year life expectancy. The Hyprolyser® Standard 560 system continues to perform well and is on-target to create the $120,000 CDN savings over the initial 8-year operation period. 

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