Hyprolyser® iSEC® 250-2000 High Capacity Skid

Powerful in-situ generating capability make the British built Hyprolyser® iSEC® 250-2000 electrochlorination systems an ideal and sustainable operational process for chlorine demands up to 2000 g/h (106lb/day).


Built-in unique Adaptive Response Technology to ensure reliable, consistent chemical generation no matter what the change to environmental and operational conditions.

Safety is paramount 

With Hyprolyser® there are no chemicals or hazardous substances to be transported, stored, or used, only harmless salt, removing all the concerns around Containment of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH). Hyprolyser® iSEC® is pinpoint in its efficiency, now using even less salt to generate an effective sodium hypochlorite solution.

 Compact but powerful 

Although compact in size, Hyprolyser® iSEC® systems can provide ample chlorination for most water disinfection and biocidal treatment regimes. Simple plug-and-play technology allows a smooth installation and commissioning experience.

Keeping operations simple 

Operation and maintenance are simplified with automated chlorine product tank filling and a colour changing LED backlight that illuminates to clearly display normal operation. The HMI touch-screen display is simple to navigate and with remote access monitoring and control available, managing tasks is easy on or off site. 

Built to last 

Hyprolyser® iSEC® is robust, manufactured in Britain to the highest standards and carries a 2-year manufacturing defect warranty. The electrolysers are built with high quality electrodes and carry a 5-year warranty. With simple maintenance cycles, Hyprolyser® iSEC® systems are set to last.

Certified and compliant 

Hyprolyser® is made in Britain to exacting ISO9001:2015 Quality Standards and is compliant under GB/EU Biocidal Product Regulations (BPR), ensuring peace of mind for the owner and operator alike.


  • No External Zoning requirements (DSEAR compliant)
  • IP54 sealed Switch Mode Power Supply enclosure (PSU) with integrated water cooling system isolated safely away from electric components.
  • Precise volumetric measurement of both softened dilution water and vacuum brine feed.
  • Unique Plug & Play concept pre-commissioned and ready for automatic start-up.
  • Electrochlorination technology uses no hazardous chemicals keeping COSHH simple
  • HSE/BPR compliant
  • Easy HMI Touchscreen icon navigation, process mimic with simple operation and maintenance annotation guidance.
  • As standard, easy direct access via Modbus-TCP to BMS/SCADA systems. Modbus-RTU and other optional remote connections available.

Applications / Sectors


For full product data and details please download our supporting documents.

  • iSEC Pools Brochure
  • iSEC Industrial Brochure
  • Technical Data Sheet
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