Cleaning In Place

Generating disinfection solutions on-site can create significant cost reductions for companies, whilst providing additional safety and sustainability benefits. Our unique in-situ chemical generation technologies, including Hyprolyser® electrochlorination systems and chloriDOS® chlorine generators, are tailored to meet the disinfection standards of production lines, reliably and efficiently.

Hyprolyser electrochlorination systems

Our unique Hyprolyser® electrochlorination systems can be tailored to meet the standards of different companies who need cost-effective, sustainable and efficient cleaning-in-place technologies. As a British electrochlorination system manufacturer, Gaffey offer unique and reliable hypochlorite generators which help maintain highly profitable production lines using only harmless and renewable salt, water and electricity.

chloriDOS® iOX® chlorine dioxide systems

Our unique chlorine dioxide generators offer a cost-efficient solution for production lines, producing chlorine in-situ to provide additional safety and reliability benefits for both staff and business. Gaffey’s chloriDOS® iOX® chemical generation and dosing systems are WRAS approved and can cater to a range of chlorine demands.

chloriDOS® MCA monochloramine systems

Offering precise blending and dosing, chloriDOS® MCA provides the future of on-site monochloramine generation. Each system is crammed full of our industry-leading technology, offering a safe, sustainable and reliable solution for applications big and small.

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