Hyprolyser® iSEC Modular 30, 120V~ Electrochlorination System

The Hyprolyser iSEC electrochlorination systems range is ideal for smaller scale chlorine demands. Modular systems provide full flexible installation where client own choice of softener, salt saturator and chlorine product storage tank is to be supplied. 


  • Unique state-of-the-ART Adaptive Response Technology built in, allowing the system to adjust to changes in environmental or site conditions, delivering precise and consistent chlorine generation.
  • HMI Touchscreen display with real time event log and remote mimic monitoring available using Modbus TPC/RTU and other options.
  • Fully GB/EU BPR compliant.
  • Hydrogen sensor for shutdown of system if any hydrogen is detected in the vicinity of the equipment.
  • Volumetric water/brine measurement for efficient electrolysis.
  • Electrolyser housed in a clear PVC tubular casing with a 5-year limited warranty.
  • Durable plastic lockable protective equipment cover.
  • Vivid LED illumination with operation status green/amber/red colour change.
  • Accessory kit included containing PVDF tank level switches, brine suction, saturator brine well and fill valve.
  • External product tanks and saturators can be connected to suit any application.



Grams 30g per hour
Kilograms 0.72kg per day


Salt 0.1kg per hour
Soft Water (l/h) 5 litres per hour


Max Power (kWh) 0.25kW per hour
Voltage Capable of universal voltages


Net weight 18 Kilograms


For full product data and details please download our supporting documents.

  • Hyprolyser Pool Sizing guide

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