iOX® 10 Chlorine Dioxide Disinfection System

chloriDOS® iOX® chlorine dioxide systems offer the next generation of on-site water disinfection.

Providing incredible safety, efficiency and accuracy in the control of bacteria, biofilm and legionella in cold water systems, our unique in-situ chlorine dioxide systems offer game-changing efficiency. By incorporating our patent pending volumetric batch generation technology, it is not only the most accurate on the market, but also provides easily-accessible and unmatched data reporting for ease-of-use.

Compact and durable in construction, chloriDOS iOX® provides peace of mind in demanding environments and it’s cost effective in terms of scalability and whole life costs, whilst enabling maintenance efficiencies that offer real end user benefits across all sectors.

The iOX® 10 chlorine dioxide generation system is designed for use with 9% HCl and 7.5% NaClO₂ chemical precursors and generates at a capacity of 10g/h ClO₂ preparing a low concentration 1000ppm ClO₂ solution safely contained within the integral product dosing tank.

Applications / Sectors



Grams 10g per hour
Kilograms 0.24kg per day

Chemical Consumption (l/h, <1% error)

NaClO₂ 0.25 litres per hour
HCl 0.25 litres per hour

Water Use

Litres 9.4 litres per hour


Net weight 23 Kilograms


For full product data and details please download our supporting documents.

  • chloriDOS® iOX® Precision Blending Technology Brochure
  • chloriDOS® iOX® 5-40 Product Information Guide

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