Agricultural Applications

Poultry Feed Water Disinfection

To maintain sufficient flock health and hygiene, poultry farmers must ensure water supplies are protected against biofilms and other potentially harmful bacteria. Our unique patented chloriDOS® iOX® chlorine generation systems provide effective protection against waterborne issues, ensuring livestock thrives.

Water disinfection treatment for poultry farm use

Chlorine dioxide delivers many proven benefits to the treatment of water for poultry farm use, such as providing effective protection against biofilm formation at very low residuals. It makes a significant contribution to flock health and hygiene, helps improve general welfare management and ensures sustained productivity.

By removing the transportation and storage of harmful chlorine chemical on-site, our in-situ chloriDOS® chlorine dioxide generation system range provides elevated safety and reliability for farm workers. Each unique dosing system also ensures pin sharp accuracy, offering peace of mind on top of the wealth of benefits already offered by these effective British-built chlorine generators.

chloriDOS® iOX® Chlorine Dioxide Systems

Providing incredible safety, efficiency and accuracy in the control of bacteria, biofilm and legionella, our chloriDOS iOX® chlorine dioxide systems are the next generation of on-site water disinfection solution. Equipped with our unique patented volumetric batch generation technology, each chemical generation and dosing system provides unrivalled accuracy and peace of mind.

chloriDOS® MCA 1000

Offering precise blending and dosing, chloriDOS® MCA provides the future of on-site monochloramine generation. Each system is crammed full of our industry-leading technology, offering a safe, sustainable and reliable solution for applications big and small.

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