The Grand Hotel enjoys sustainable benefits of Hyprolyser®

The Grand Hotel enjoys the benefits of a fast install of the Hyprolyser® iSEC chlorine generation system, with minimal impact on their business and guests.

Project details

Client The Grand Hotel
Location St-Annes-on-Sea, Lancashire
Installation Date June 2022
Service Partner Pool Tech Services
System Hyprolyser®
Model iSEC 60 Skid 2

Built in 1897 and owned by Richard and Mandy Webb, The Grand Hotel is the epitome of Victorian grandeur. Located centrally on the lively and picturesque seafront at St Annes-on-Sea it is popular with stars from screen and sport.

Nestled behind the hotel is the more modern, exclusive leisure complex, The Grand Leisure Club boasting a luxury 17m swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, gymnasium, relaxation areas and a private outdoor deck.

The proud owners Richard and Mandy are conscious of the responsibilities associated with pool ownership, not only of running costs, but of the hazards associated with the chemicals used in essential pool water chlorination, therefore, interest was sparked by the Hyprolyser®‘s use of harmless, readily available salts, water, and electricity to generate the clean water needed.

As the more sustainable option with additional hazard free operation, they were keen to explore the change from their existing, unreliable system to a Hyprolyser®.

Derrick Holland, The Grand Hotel Manager takes up the story, “Our existing system was ageing and ready for replacement. The technology behind Hyprolyser® electrochlorination systems really appealed to us. It is a compact unit that fits easily into our existing pump room. It’s really reliable and simple to operate; and the staff aren’t coming in to contact with any hazardous chemicals. The system is really accurate and generates a hypochlorite solution that is calibrated to dose the water at exactly the right amount to keep it clean for our guests. And without the need to buy the chemicals, we are saving on costs there too.”

From the initial photos supplied by Derrick, the technical team at Gaffey could see that installation wasn’t going to be straight forward with space in the pump room at a premium.

As trusted electrochlorination system manufacturers, Gaffey work with a number of reliable trade partners across the UK and globally to ensure clients get not only the best equipment in Hyprolyser®, but the best install and assured ongoing maintenance.

One of these preferred trade partners is Pool Tech Services. Having worked with Gaffey for nearly 10 years and having installed over 100 Hyprolyser® units across the UK, Pool Tech Services were well placed to take on the challenges of the project.

Danny Grant, Managing Director of Pool Tech Services commented, “It’s great to work with Gaffey, we are proud to be an approved install service provider. Hyprolyser® chlorine generation systems are quick and easy to fit. This one proved a little more challenging due to the tight space we were working in. We had it up and running effectively within days, and with a new chemical control panel also fitted, the whole system is functioning perfectly and reporting back as it should.”

A last word from Derrick, “Happy guests make a happy hotel and with minimal disruption to our services, guests haven’t been inconvenienced. We can breathe easy that everything is working as it should and we can focus on our busy summer season.”

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