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After 12-months of rapid inflation, recession and spiralling energy costs, the 2023/24 financial year is finally drawing to a close.

As the deadline looms, local authorities up and down the UK are now faced with allocating their remaining budgets effectively – and when it comes to leisure facilities, it’s essential to make strategic decisions to ensure every penny is put to good use.

For those looking to maximise remaining budgets on upgrading outdated water disinfection technologies, Hyprolyser® electrochlorination systems could be the solution for a future of increased chlorine security, improved running costs and even sustainability…

What is electrochlorination?

Electrochlorination is the on-site production of sodium hypochlorite solution by electrolysis of brine. It provides a safe, sustainable and effective method for water disinfection, using only salt, water and electricity to produce chlorine in-situ.

The resulting generated hypochlorite solution contains less than 1% chlorine, which is below the hazardous threshold, providing sufficient health and safety and much reduced COSHH management benefits.

As a further important safety benefit, the generated chlorine liquid product is clear, free of sediment and non-scale forming, meaning that chemical injection points do not require any regular cleaning or maintenance by personnel; a task often considered to be a high-risk and costly activity.

Why invest in a Hyprolyser® electrochlorination system?

Compact and wall-mounted to ensure plantroom space is fully utilised, Hyprolyser® systems are jam-packed with innovative vacuum-dosing technology. Each plug-and-play system is also quick to install and easy to operate, offering effective and reliable on-site water disinfection for up to 8 years.

All of our systems are Made in Britain and fully compliant under GB Biocidal Product Regulations (GB BPR), offering scalability to adapt to the requirements of leisure facilities – big and small.

What are the benefits?

Our Hyprolyser® systems are truly innovative, providing a range of benefits to swimming pool and leisure facilities, ranging from small spas to large water parks.

Improves chlorine security: By producing harmless sodium hypochlorite in-situ, facilities reduce the threat of chemical-based accidents, including chlorine gas leaks – which sadly still occur at leisure facilities. As salt is safe to store, the risk of on-site accidents is significantly reduced, in comparison to stored chemicals. This means the safety of both customers and colleagues remains paramount.

Increases sustainability: Electrolytic chlorination is championed within the industry for its sustainability credentials. Generating sodium hypochlorite on-site reduces transportation of dangerous goods to site, lowering emissions from vehicles, reducing the possibility of hazardous chemicals entering and contaminating the environment.

Lowers running costs: As salt is low-cost and accessible commodity, Hyprolyser® systems provide increased cost-efficiency. Even with the increasing costs of energy, Hyprolyser® technology is energy-efficient, providing affordable running costs.

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