What you need to know about chloriDOS® iOX® chlorine dioxide generators

Chlorine dioxide generators are an efficient way to generate a powerful disinfection agent for use in a wide range of water treatment applications, such as legionella control, secondary disinfection, food processing and brewing, to name a few.

Why consider in-situ chlorine dioxide generation?

Chlorine dioxide is highly unstable as a gas and must either be generated on-site, or delivered to the point of use as a dilute aqueous solution. For large users, deliveries of chlorine dioxide solution becomes expensive and impractical, so on-site chlorine generation offers a safer and more economical solution.

Compared with storing hazardous chemicals on-site in large quantities, chlorine dioxide generation systems offer a convenient and safe alternative with low-hazard precursor chemicals that personnel can handle safely.

How do chlorine dioxide generators work?

Chlorine dioxide is produced by the controlled mixing of the precursor or ‘binary’ chemicals, hydrochloric acid and sodium chlorite. Traditionally, most types of chlorine dioxide generator use pressurised chemical dosing pumps to transfer the binary chemicals to a reaction chamber where the gas is generated and dissolved into water to form a solution ready for dosing.

The chloriDOS® iOX® chlorine dioxide system uses a vacuum preparation process to draw the binary chemicals into the reaction chamber, which means there are no pressurised chemical feed lines. Using this vacuum method binary chemicals may, if desired, be located at distance from the generator in a separate storage area. Any accidental damage to the chemical feed lines will result in air being drawn into the generator, rather than liquid chemicals potentially leaking out into the work or storage area.

The vacuum method and digital metering technology used by the chloriDOS® iOX® system also allows for very accurate chemical blending, resulting in the highest possible conversion efficiency, whilst also providing this precise data for the remote monitoring of chemical usage.

Where can chlorine dioxide generators be used?

The chloriDOS iOX® is a versatile solution for all kinds of industrial and commercial applications, including vegetable and meat washing, brewing, legionella/biofilm control, secondary disinfection of water systems, laundry disinfection and bleaching of paper and textiles to name a few.

The iOX® chlorine dioxide system has a small footprint which means it can be installed as a wall or skid mounted system to suit most spaces. The system’s high safety credentials, ease of use and high efficiency make it a good candidate for all kinds of locations and applications; from large industrial buildings to small residential care homes, there are very few places where a system such as chloriDOS® iOX® would be unsuitable.

What makes a good chlorine dioxide generator?

As well as compact size and easy installation, there are some characteristics of good chlorine dioxide generators that you should look out for if you want to get the best out of your investment.

These include:

  • Safety – elimination of pressurised chemical pumps/delivery lines.
  • The efficiency of the generator and the consistency of the generated product.
  • Small number of moving parts to ensure reliability and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Capability for remote monitoring via smartphone/internet to allow easy management of chemical supplies and multiple units.

chloriDOS® iOX® chlorine generators offer the safety and convenience of its vacuum preparation method, so potentially hazardous chemicals are not transported into the system under pressure. This results in a much safer environment for operating staff and building occupants.

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