Gaffey upscales Hyprolyser® production to meet high demand

The chlorine shortage continues unabated causing pool closures across the leisure sector. And, with prices soaring for the chlorine that is available, many pool owners are looking for alternative solutions.

One of the popular solutions is proving to be the efficient and reliable Hyprolyser® electrochlorination systems. Using readily available, harmless salt, water and electricity to generate a consistently accurate low strength, fresh <1% sodium hypochlorite solution. Perfect for keeping pool water clean and sanitised sustainably.

Phil Gaffey said, “With Hyprolyser® manufactured here in the UK, we can respond with short lead times, and our trusted trade partners ensure quick and efficient install across the country. Our trade clients also benefit from our technical team at Gaffey providing an inclusive on-site commissioning service to ensure safety compliance and performance of its products”.

Hyprolyser® systems are significantly cheaper to run without the need to purchase costly chemicals. In comparison for a busy leisure pool, the savings over a 10-year period are some 70% over traditional Calcium Hypochlorite systems with break-even in year 2.

Additionally, with no more hazardous chemicals transported to site, or need to be carefully stored, Hyprolyser® gives you a safer, cleaner and more environmentally friendly way to provide chlorine for your pool on demand; and provide a safer environment for your pool operatives.

A significant environmental benefit includes a significant reduction in plastic waste when compared to operators using traditional packaged calcium hypochlorite products in drums, and similar reduction in energy and water usage involved in recycling those plastics.

Hyprolyser® electrochlorination systems use Gaffey’s unique volumetric brine and water measurement to ensure consistent, accurate dosing and optimised energy usage. All key performance parameters are constantly monitored and can be accessed remotely via optional telemetry output at any time.

Using plug-and-play Patented technology, Hyprolyser® chlorine generation systems are readily scalable for larger applications, making them ideal for any pool size, from small spa pools to the high-capacity requirements of leisure centres and theme parks with multiple pools and water features.

In a recent BBC interview, Robert Hammond, East Renfrewshire Culture & Leisure talked about a Hyprolyser® installation, saying “It’s massive for us, it takes away all the chemical risk and we have a continuous supply when we need it.”

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