3 million AUD Logan Water Round Mountain Reservoir facility in Queensland, Australia

Compatibility with a state-of-the-art, solar-powered water treatment plant was one of the key reasons for Gaffey’s Hyprolyser® technology being chosen.

Project details

Client WestWater Enterprises Pty Ltd
Location Australia
Model Hyprolyser® iSEC 2200

The Hyprolyser® units were specified as part of an integrated system which has generated significant savings on both the capital and operating costs of the new facility.

The plant uses solar panels mounted on the roof of the reservoir to power a Tesla battery array, and a safe and reliable electrochlorination solution compatible with this equipment was required. Gaffey’s approved installation and service partner, WestWater Enterprises Pty Ltd, co-ordinated the design and manufacture of the electro-chlorination system, which uses brine solution to produce low-strength sodium hypochlorite onsite.

This is then stored in a 19,000L HDPE product tank, ready to be dosed into the mains to maintain chlorine levels in the water supply. The disinfection system includes 2 Gaffey Hyprolyser® 2200 electro-chlorinators as part of a duty and standby configuration, in conjunction with digital metering pumps housed in a self-contained dosing cabinet. There is also an 8,000L brine storage tank which receives salt via a monorail and hopper system.

The remote location of the Round Mountain Reservoir was another factor in the decision to specify Gaffey’s low-risk and environmentally-friendly Hyprolyser® technology. The high-capacity facility has been built to accommodate future urban growth, but currently sits in a remote site at the end of a 3km dirt road. The Hyprolyser ® units require only salt to be brought in to this difficult-to-access location, rather than the hazardous chemicals required by alternative treatment systems.

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