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Gaffey are proud to forge long term partnerships with global distributors to provide the right water treatment systems for their customers. Thanks to these successful global partnerships, Hyprolyser® electrochlorination technologies are found all over the world today…

Project details

Client Apóstol Santiago Foundation
Location Madrid
Service Partner Oxidine
System Hyprolyser®

Gaffey are proud to work with Oxidine, specialists in efficient and comprehensive water management. Quality is their hallmark, both in the products and suppliers they choose and in their aftersales service and maintenance of customers’ facilities.

Oxidine install and maintain both our Hyprolyser® electrochlorination systems and chloriDOS® unique chemical blending technologies. Their ethos to provide the best water treatment solution fits perfectly with their client expectations and Gaffey’s own values.


Oxidine completed a recent install for the prestigious Apóstol Santiago Foundation in Madrid, replacing their existing chlorine gas systems with sustainable Hyprolyser® electrochlorination technology.

This distinguished sports school, dedicated to the promotion of sports and culture, opened its doors in 1943, with impressive facilities that included twelve tennis courts, four basketball fields, a soccer field, a hockey field, a horse-riding arena, velodrome and two indoor swimming pools.

The sports complex now boasts five outdoor summer pools, a total of 4,600m3 of water to be treated and maintained through the busy summer months and during winter shutdown. For water treatment, the customer had been relying on an ageing chlorine gas system.

Maintaining a chlorine gas system is challenging, not only when transporting and storing hazardous chlorine gas cylinders; but also requiring trained personnel, taking special precautions and wearing special safety equipment to handle them. The risks of chlorine gas leaks and possible fire are also a very real threat.

The sports complex owners contacted Oxidine to look for a more sustainable alternative that would be just as efficient and cost effective, but without the risks to personnel and the planet.

Oxidine analysed all the data and concluded that Hyprolyser electrochlorination systems would meet the needs of the complex, proposing a single unit that would generate consistently, exactly the right amount of hypochlorite, to keep water clean in all pools, including the two heated swimming pools.

Using harmless, readily available and relatively inexpensive salt, electricity and water, Hyprolyser® electrochlorination systems generates a low strength <1% sodium hypochlorite solution on-site, making it hazard free, easy to operate and maintain.

Hyprolyser® electrochlorination systems met all the customer’s requirements for safety, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

The system was installed in the filtration plantroom and provided with a 2000 litre product tank that stores the generated hypochlorite. It doses each of the five pools by means of a unique venturi system that ensures pinpoint dosing accuracy for safe, clean water.

With online control systems installed, the customer can now monitor and control their pools and equipment through any digital device at all times, making operating simple.

After several months in operation, the customer is very happy, highlighting these benefits of Hyprolyser:

  • Greater safety for personnel
  • Sustainable for the planet
  • Easy install and maintenance
  • Less generation of by-products
  • Increased management control of the facilities

Another successful installation for leading water technology company Oxidine and their ongoing global partnership Hyprolyser® electrochlorination systems.

And finally, why do Oxidine fit Hyprolyser® exclusively?

There are many reasons why Oxidine chose Hyprolyser® technology, put simply, “Hyprolyser® is the answer to the search for simplicity, economy and robustness for on-site hypochlorite generation”.

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