Electrochlorination systems

Eccleshill Pool installs Hyprolyser® electrochlorination system

The need to eliminate the manual handling of hazardous chemicals and reduce operating costs led Bradford Borough Council to install Hyprolyser® electrochlorination system to local Eccleshill swimming pool.

Project details

Client Bradford Borough Council
Location Eccleshill Pool
Service Partner Pool Technical Services Ltd
System Hyprolyser® COMPACT
Model Hyprolyser CompactM 240g/h electrochlorination system

Bradford Borough Council have chosen our trusted patented Hyprolyser® technology for one of its busiest swimming pools – Eccleshill Pool.

Eccleshill Pool’s main 33.5m x 12.8m pool, and a smaller 12.8m x 5.5m learner pool, had previously been served by independent calcium hypochlorite tank and-mixer disinfection systems.

Their old systems have now been replaced with a single Gaffey electro-chlorination system which delivers multiple benefits, including improved health & safety levels, greater cost-effectiveness, increased cleanliness and improved sustainability.

By generating hypochlorite in-situ, the pool has improved safety for staff and customers by removing the hazard of chemical spills and leaks, as well as improving sustainability by eliminating the need for chemical transportation and shipping.

Although the client had not previously used electrochlorination technology, any concerns they had about one system serving both pools were satisfied by a demonstration of an established Hyprolyser® electrolytic chlorination system in use at a nearby site. This was organised by Pool Technical Services Ltd (a Hyprolyser® National Service Partner) and Gaffey’s technical sales team.

Installation took just one week, from removal of the old equipment to the fitting of the new Hyprolyser® CompactM240 system. The pool operating staff quickly became familiar with the Hyprolyser® technology, and the system has functioned flawlessly since commissioning.

What is electrochlorination?

Electrochlorination provides a safe and sustainable alternative to traditional water disinfection methods, using renewable salt, water and electricity to generate sodium hyprochlorite in-situ. You may hear this technology commonly referred to as electrochlorination, chlorine electrolysis or in-situ chlorine generation.

Our unique Hyprolyser® electrochlorination systems are an industry-leading example of this technology, providing unique water disinfection systems for a wide range of sectors and industries worldwide – including swimming pools, spa, theme parks, water parks and more.

Find out more about electrochlorination in our introduction to Hyprolyser® systems article, or contact Gaffey Technical Services today on 01254 350180.

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