Hyprolyser® unit ensures water quality in Tasmania

Gaffey’s Hyprolyser® iSEC® electrochlorination technology has delivered a flexible drinking water disinfection solution for Branxholm Water Treatment Reservoir in Tasmania.

Project details

Client TasWater
Location Tasmania
Service Partner WestWater Enterprises Pty Ltd
System Hyprolyser® iSEC®
Model iSEC® 90 g/h electrochlorination system

Tasmania’s first re-chlorination unit ensures water quality for Branxholm

Gaffey’s Australian distributor, WestWater Enterprises Pty Ltd, has designed and installed a state-of-the-art re-chlorination unit at TasWater’s new 500 kilolitre Branxholm reservoir. The unit complies with all Contract and Australian Standards, and will ensure that Ringarooma Water Scheme customers continue to receive safe drinking water. 

A Gaffey Hyprolyser® iSEC® 90g/h electrochlorination system housed in a 3.6 metre prefabricated transportable building was specified for the project. This is the first unit of its kind to be used in Tasmania, and it is served by a 50-litre brine tank and a 300-litre chlorine product tank.   

TasWater Project Manager Dheeraj Rajan commented: “This type of unit has been installed in other parts of the country, and we thought it would be a great fit for Branxholm, following the completion of the new reservoir.” 

Branxholm was part of TasWater’s 24glasses Regional Towns Water Supply Program, which removed Public Health Alerts from 29 Tasmanian communities. The re-chlorination unit will enhance the reservoir’s capacity to deliver high-quality drinking water to the community. 

“This re-chlorination unit will help ensure the correct chlorine levels are maintained in the reservoir prior to drinking water distribution to Branxholm residents, continuing to provide them access to safe and reliable drinking water, now and into the future,” adds Dheeraj Rajan. 

“In addition, the upgraded Branxholm Reservoir provides residents with increased water storage and surety of supply, which is especially important as we enter the warmer months.” 

The Gaffey technology also increases health and safety levels for the TasWater team operating the facility by limiting the amount of chemicals on site. It uses a salt solution and electricity to produce a low strength sodium hypochlorite solution and disinfect the water. Disinfection of the treated water is necessary to ensure it meets Australian Drinking Water Guidelines prior to consumption by customers. 

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