Gaffey reveals new innovation in Electrochlorination

New Adaptive Response technology, ‘ART’ for short is set to be a gamechanger for electrochlorination water disinfection.

Gaffey are proud to announce the launch of new ‘Adaptive Response Technology’. A Gaffey innovation, this state-of-the-ART control software is one of many features being introduced into its new range of Hyprolyser® iSEC® systems, raising the bar in on-site chlorine generation reliability and operational efficiencies.


Hyprolyser® ART can detect the smallest irregularity within its process and automatically self-regulate to seamlessly function, ensuring continual and consistent chlorine generation for effective and efficient chlorination.  On-screen annotations instruct remedial actions to be taken by the operator to avoid unnecessary interruption to chlorine generation.


Hyprolyser® electrochlorination systems are fully compliant under HSE/BPR and deliver real COSHH and cost saving benefits.  Generating non-hazardous <1% sodium hypochlorite from salt, water and electricity, Hyprolyser® is one of the most sustainable water disinfection solutions available for pools today.


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