Thanks to everyone who joined us at Aquatech!

We enjoyed exhibiting at Aquatech in Amsterdam this November. As one of the biggest dates in the water calendar, it’s always a privilege to take part.

Joining over 20,000 water professionals, we were pleased to welcome many distributors, clients and customers – including Oxidine, Guldager and Tohzai– to our stand over the week. The expo provides a great opportunity for us to showcase our technologies to the wider industry, as well as networking with new and existing clients.

For those who haven’t heard of Aquatech, it has been the only show in the world covering every aspect of water for nearly 60 years. Starting in 1964, it provides us with a platform to meet with other water professionals from around the globe.

To re-cap our busy week, here’s everything that happened at Aquatech 2023.

We launched chloriDOS® MCA, our brand-new monochloramine system

chloriDOS® MCA 1000 is a universal, compact in-situ monochloramine unit, providing exceptional chemical generation with precise blending capabilities.

Designed to meet the water disinfection needs of both commercial and industrial applications, chloriDOS® MCA can produce an output of up to 1000g per hour and features our patented batch generation under vacuum technology.

Unlike conventional blending systems which have lower flow rates and varying pressures, our unique chloriDOS® precision blending technology draws chemicals under vacuum for a consistent flow rate and accurate dosing. This also allows chemicals to be transferred greater than 50 metres from remote storerooms to enhance safety measures.

We decided to develop our own monochloramine systems as the unique biocidal properties of monochloramine are becoming increasingly recognised as an effective treatment in the control of biofilm, legionella and other waterborne pathogens. It is stable in solution and non-corrosive, providing an effective disinfection solution for safe, clean water.

Our new chloriDOS® iOX® chlorine dioxide system was introduced

To cater to large industrial applications, we introduced chloriDOS® iOX® 125-2000. Available either wall-mounted or in a plug-and-play skid system, our new systems have a vast chemical generation output of up to 2000g/h ClO2, offering an elegant, powerful solution for a wide range of applications.

Chlorine dioxide effectively destroys legionella, biofilms and other bacteria, setting it apart from other disinfection methods. Our range of chloriDOS® iOX® disinfection systems have already been installed across the globe, demonstrating the success of our unique, well-established technologies and their ability to provide a method for safe, clean water.

Looking to the future

Thank you to all those who joined Gaffey at the event and to those who have taken an interest in our new technology launches. We are looking forward to touching base with you in the near future.

If you’d like to know more about the technologies introduced at Aquatech this year, feel free to give the Gaffey team a call on 01254 350180 or visit for more information.

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