Safe water down under

Gaffey water treatment systems may be manufactured right here in Lancashire, yet our technologies are installed around the world through our network of trusted approved distributors – including in Australia, where our Managing Director Phil Gaffey visited recently.

Nearly 9,000 miles away from the UK, Perth is a vibrant Australian city which enjoys more sunshine than any other capital city. As well as being home to plenty of beautiful wildlife and scenery, Perth is also home to WestWater Enterprises – specialists in potable water treatment systems for municipal and industrial processes Australia-wide.

WestWater are sole distributors of Gaffey water treatment technologies throughout Australia. They don’t just offer the installation of Hyprolyser® electrochlorination systems either, WestWater distribute all Gaffey products and in-situ systems, including chloriDOS® chemical generation and blending systems.

During his visit to Perth, Phil met WestWater’s Business Development Manager, Stephen Marsden, as well as Managing Director Rob Slater. During their meeting, the team spoke about recent project work and liaised with clients regarding their installations.

These meetings are a vital touchpoint for both companies. Not only is it an opportunity for WestWater to receive feedback and knowledge from the manufacturer of the systems they install – it was a learning opportunity for Gaffey, as they can witness first-hand how their equipment has to adapt to other climates and environments, which can lead to future product innovations.

Shire communities benefit from Hyprolyser® electrochlorination system installs

To see an installed Hyprolyser® electrochlorination system in action, Phil visited the Shire of Moora, 180km north of Perth. The Shire had recently won $100,000 in funding from a community water supply partnership programme for sustainable water improvements. The aim in this case was to improve water safety by converting existing gas chlorination installations to more sustainable electrochlorination systems.

This funding led to two independent systems being installed, using a total of five Hyprolyser® chlorination units. One system using two Hyprolyser® iSEC90 units now disinfects wastewater to make it safe to use to irrigate the local parks; and three Hyprolyser® iSEC90 units now provide safe, clean bathing water for the local community 50m swimming pool facility.

Projects and funding, such as those from the community water supply partnership programme, are likely to become more popular, as many communities and businesses realise the safe, sustainable, reliable and cost-saving benefits of switching from traditional chlorine to a Gaffey Hyprolyser® electrochlorination system.

Upcoming water treatment projects

Phil Gaffey’s trip also took him to the Water Corporation of Western Australia, where Phil and WestWater presented the latest Hyprolyser® product range updates with their team and began to discuss upcoming safe water projects. Phil met with engineers from the organisation, who went into more detail about upcoming water treatment projects.

It was discussed that Hyprolyser® electrochlorination systems have been widely accepted for use in Australia, with more water treatment systems expected to be installed – showing a promising future for Gaffey to continuing working down under over the coming years.

The future continues to look bright for Gaffey’s relationship with Australia. On the latter part of this Australian adventure, Phil made accompanied visits with WestWater to consultancy and commercial pool design companies showing interest in the many benefits of Gaffey’s unique, in-situ water treatment systems.

Business and leisure

Phil’s visit to Perth wasn’t all business either. As a Perth resident for three years back in the nineties, he enjoys the opportunity to head back and see the country from a different angle – and even though his agenda was jam-packed with meetings and visits, Phil and his wife Paula attended a family wedding whilst there… because Gaffey and WestWater weren’t the only pairing on this trip!

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