Gaffey advanced sales surpass pre-pandemic levels

As we move further into 2023, unit sales continue to show strong signs of growth, with advanced sales currently significantly higher than pre-pandemic levels.

This increase in sales also presents a noticeable uptake from last year, showing positive signs of growth across various sectors, from drinking water to commercial pools and building services – proving that there is high demand throughout a variety of industries.

Following this increase in sales, we are now currently selling around 300 systems per-annum, which includes both of our unique water disinfection systems – Hyprolyser® electrochlorinators and chloriDOS® iOX® chlorine dioxide systems.

Gaffey’s Managing Director, Phil Gaffey, said: “2023 has a positive outlook, with plenty of sales in the pipeline – projects seem to be coming back online after two slow years.”

Increased sales drive recruitment

To meet the increased levels of production demand, we are driving recruitment to fill new positions within our warehouse and production teams. By strengthening the existing Gaffey team, we will be ready and prepared to supply increasing demand, cementing a strong future for Gaffey Technical Services.

Global sales remain strong

Building our network of approved distributors is key to strengthening sales overseas. As a company, we are always working to strengthen our working relationships with established distributors, as well as establishing connections in new territories.

Most recently, we have started establishing Gaffey systems in Israel, with system installations taking place earlier this year. Israel is now one of many countries who are part of Gaffey’s distribution network, which already includes countries like Australia, Denmark, France, Germany and UAE.

Since 2017, Gaffey have sold over 1100 units worldwide, with numbers set to increase as our global network expands.

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